about us

about us

Rolled Oats Pottery

began in 1981 in an old feed room in my family’s horse barn, where we fed “rolled oats” to our horses. Although I no longer operate the studio/gallery out of that barn, the name remains.

I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in art/pottery from Moorhead State University in 1980. During that time, I served an internship with Jim Ulmer. Through the years my work has been honored with numerous awards in recognition of quality work and merchandising displays throughout the United States, including the Strictly Functional Pottery National Exhibit held in Lancaster, PA, in May 1994.


This pottery is all hand made, one lump of clay at a time. Even in a “matched set,” each individual piece is unique. These pieces are made to be handled and used. That’s their real beauty.

Considering the countless pieces of pottery I have created, I am continually amazed that a lump of clay can be transformed into a functional, beautiful object.

I hope you enjoy using each piece as much as I enjoyed creating it.